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The Oxfordshire Shooting School is open to members of the public who are not in the possession of a valid shotgun certificate under the section 11(6) exceptions of the Firearms act 1968 which states:

"A person may, without holding a shotgun certificate, use a shotgun at a time and place approved for shooting at artificial targets by the Chief Officer of police for the area in which that place is situated."

  • The organiser of any clay pigeon shoot at which persons who do not hold a shotgun certificate wish to shoot must apply to the Chief Officer for the area in which the shoot is to take place for an exemption under section 11(6) of the 1968 Firearms Act.
  • This allows non-certificate holders to possess shot guns at a time and place approved by the Chief Officer for shooting at artificial targets which normally, though not exclusively, includes clay pigeons.
  • This exemption applies ONLY to shotguns falling under Section 2 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).
  • Any person, under 15 years of age, using a shotgun must be supervised by an adult (over 21yrs). (Firearms Act 1968, Section 22(3)).
  • Prohibited persons as defined by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (If known) must not be permitted to be in possession of guns or ammunition.
  • The owners of any shotguns used on the site are reminded that the security of those guns remains solely their responsibility.

The Oxfordshire Shooting School have been issued with a section 11(6) certificate by the Thames Valley Police Firearms Licensing Unit.

To comply with the conditions of section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 all persons wishing to shoot at the The Oxfordshire Shooting School will be required to sign a disclaimer, as copy of which can be found on the next page of this document.

Not-with-standing the regulations described above, The Oxfordshire Shooting School reserve the right to refuse any person entry or use of the shooting ground at any time for any reason, if behaviour, attitude or actions are considered by our staff to pose a risk to life limb or property. Depending on the nature of the offence we may decline to refund any monies paid for services rendered or part rendered.


It is an offence for someone who is prohibited by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 to have a firearm or ammunition in his or her possession at any time. Section 21 applies to anybody who has been sentenced to imprisonment or to youth custody or detention in a young offenders’ institution for three months or more. The period for which they are prohibited depends on the length of their sentence, if the sentence was longer than three years the prohibition is for life. If the sentence was three months or more but less than three years, the prohibition lasts for five years from the date of their release. It is an offence for a person to transfer, let or hire, give or lend a firearm or ammunition to someone whom he/she knows has reasonable grounds for believing to be prohibited by Section 21.

Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 covers persons who are banned from being in possession of firearms or ammunition. It is an offence for a shooting range operator to knowingly allow persons who are banned under section 21 from using guns at the range, whether or not there is a section 11(6) permit in operation. Best practice is to identify all non-certificate holders (by requesting sight of licence on all entrants), and any who cannot produce a certificate are asked to sign in on a form such as the pro-forma suggested by the CPSA. Note that persons not in possession of a current shotgun certificate because of a revocation are not banned persons unless they have also had a custodial sentence as defined by section 21. These persons may be able to shoot legally under the provisions of section 11(6). Note also, that although a person may have had an automatic ban under section 21, there is a right of appeal to the Crown Court, and on the outcome of a successful application a person can be granted a shotgun certificate. Such a person would be in possession of a normal certificate and is entitled to own shotguns.

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