A sporting experience to test your shooting abilities. Take on the challenge with these wild and cunning birds. It is not only a vital part of pest control, crop protection and land management, but also the best practice you can possibly get for driven game shooting.

"I love pigeon shooting. It keeps my eye in over the summer and prepares me for driven days. When shooting pigeons I take all sorts of shots, from low fast crossers to high driven birds set on the wind. It helps me practice different angles. It is also incredibly enjoyable and satisfying when you get a really good shot."
Charlie Stewart-Wood

If you would be interested in finding out more about our pigeon shooting opportunities, please get in touch.
There are a few different options outlined below, but we can discuss bespoke packages based on your previous shooting experience and exactly what you would like to get out of the day.

Tel. 01608 690866

Email. info@theoxfordshireshootingschool.co.uk

Guided Shoot
Ideal for someone who is new to pigeon shooting or would just feel more comfortable with some guidance, this session will involve us setting up your hide on a flight path or feeding area. All equipment can be supplied for you and your guide will accompany you throughout the day.

If you are a more experienced pigeon shooter we can offer you a 'Do It Yourself' session. This will involve a member of the team meeting you and taking you to where the birds are likely to be feeding.
We can help you set up your hide and decoy pattern, or we can simply leave you to get yourself settled on your own.

Estate Days
Join a group of guns and help control the birds on a chosen area of the estate. You will work in teams of two to keep the birds moving. This is likely to offer you more shooting as the birds will be pushed from one area to another.
This can be on a guided or DIY basis.

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