Confused about cartridges?

Confused about cartridges?

Have you stocked up on cartridges for the season?

It can be confusing and stressful trying to choose the right cartridges for the right day, especially if you are quite new to game shooting. But fear not, the OSS Team are here to help.

Our house game cartridges are created uniquely for us by Lyalvale Express. With our heritage based firmly in English gunmaking workshops, we understand how important it is to use the best ammunition, especially if you are shooting a classic side by side. Our game cartridges are designed to be powerful enough to produce consistently impressive results, yet gentle and versatile enough to be used in any gun.

 MG 1604

Try our Gems and make your shooting shine!

The Gem is a bespoke cartridge for the Francis Lovel & Co Group. It is designed to be smooth on the shoulder yet retain excellent lethality from the 28 gram load. It is supplied with a short brass head to aid extraction of the spent cartridge from all guns. Its velocity is 1375 fps at muzzle which gives it smoothness and minimal muzzle flip, important on both the grouse moor and partridge drives. It has a fully biodegradable wad and fibre obturator to offer minimal environmental disturbance.

Chloe, one of our lovely customers, went on her first game day recently and was a little concerned about using heavier cartridges than her usual 21 gram clay loads. Luckily, she took a few boxes of our Gems and ended up having a fantastic time -

"Being my first ever game day I was apprehensive about using larger sized cartridges as I suffer with bad recoil, normally I would only use a 21 gram for clays so I was concerned when I had to use 28 gram! I worried for nothing! The cartridges were so smooth; there was barely any kickback! I had no issues what so ever! I would 100% use them again! They did the job and brought my birds down with ease. Smashing cartridges, worth the money! I highly recommend them!"

Gem 1

 MG 1605

Let our Rocketers take your shooting to new heights!

The Rocketer is designed for the traditional Game shot. This exceptional and versatile cartridge gives lethality, yet is suitable for old English guns through to the modern over and under. It is available in a 30 gram and 32 gram load with fibre wad and in the English shot sizes of 6 and 5. The 2 ½” / 65mm case length with low brass head offers excellent ejection characteristics.

Grant phone pic

For more information about our house cartridges and all other brands that we stock, please get in touch on the details below or pop in and visit us!

Click the link below for current game cartridge prices.

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