CPSA Registered Shoot March 2020

Event Essentials
Start Date 13/03/20
End Date 13/03/20
Timings First card 9.30am, last card 2pm
Prices Competition £40, Targets Only £35, 50 Bird Practice £17.50

Event Details

100 bird English Sporting competition run on the second Friday of every month.

Friday 13th March.

Also available, a 50 bird 'Targets Only' round that will be CPSA registered but is NOT a competition, and CAN NOT be shot before the 100 bird course.

Cash prizes available for High Gun and in classes AA, A, B, C.

First card 9.30am, last card 2pm.

Everyone is welcome and there is no need to pre-book, simply turn up and join in.

Catering available 10am - 2pm.

*Please note, fibre wad only.

**SPECIAL OFFER - Get £5 OFF entry to the next registered shoot at our sister ground Atkin Grant & Lang, held on Friday 27th March, when you shoot this competition**


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