Game Recipe - Partridge Scotch Eggs

Game Recipe - Partridge Scotch Eggs

Now the partridge season is well underway, I thought I would share one of my favourite recipes. Scotch eggs are reasonably easy to make and provide the perfect treat to share at elevenses or just make as an delicious and filling snack.

Ingredients: To make 8 scotch eggs

2 brace of partridge

2 chorizo sausages

10 eggs






Salt & pepper

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Start by breasting your birds. Pluck a small area of feathers from the middle of the breast to expose the skin. With a very sharp knife make a small incision down the breast bone, trying your hardest to only cut the skin and not the meat. Once you have made an opening, carefully pull back the skin to expose the breast meat. Slice the breast meat off, trying to use straight and sharp incisions and not tearing or damaging the meat.

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Cut up the partridge breast and sausages into small chunks. Heat a small splash of oil in a hot pan and add garlic, oregano, paprika and salt and pepper. The seasoning is really down to your own taste, so add as much or as little as you like. Fry the ingredients until the meat is fully cooked. Add an egg to the mixture and transfer to a food processor. Blend into a paste, but try not to blend too finely as you ideally want a bit of texture.

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Remove the eggs from the water and peel of the shells. Then prepare three bowls/plates – one with a beaten egg in, one with flour and the last with breadcrumbs. Move the meat, which is now a sort of paste, on to a plate or chopping board, and roughly divide in to 8. One at a time, coat each egg with the meat, covering it evenly so there are no gaps. Then roll the covered eggs in the flour, beaten egg and then breadcrumbs. Repeat this process until all of your hard-boiled eggs are coated.

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Next, heat some oil in a deep pan. You ideally want the oil to be 160C so if you have a cooking thermometer now is the time to use it. If not, check the oil is hot enough by sprinkling in some of the excess breadcrumbs. If they turn golden brown and crispy within 10 seconds then the oil is ready. Add you eggs to the oil and fry for approximately 6 minutes, making sure they are rotated and evenly covered. Remove them from the pan and leave to cool on some tissue paper, to soak up any excess oil.

Serve at your next shoot with some tasty chutney and your fellow guns will be blown away, or enjoy with a fresh salad for a light lunch.

I really hopefully you enjoy this recipe. They are a little bit different from your average scotch eggs but I think the flavours work well, and this is also a great use of game meat if you don't feel like cooking a main meal. If you make them, please feel free to share pictures with us on Instagram - tag @oxfordshireshootingschool

The next recipe coming soon will be pheasant rolls...

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