Simulated Game Days in the heart of the Cotswold countryside

Simulated Game Days in the heart of the Cotswold countryside

Simulated game days are becoming increasingly popular with all types of shooters, from clay busting enthusiasts to avid game shots preparing for the season.

A simulated game day is laid out very much like a traditional driven shoot. The Oxfordshire Shooting School simulated game days start with breakfast, the perfect opportunity for the host to welcome his guests and for the guns to get to know each other. After bacon rolls and coffee, it is time to head to the first drive. The guns will spread themselves out and stand at set markers, known as pegs, just like on a game shoot. Over 1000 clays will be thrown per drive from specially designed clay traps to simulate driven pheasant and partridge.

The shooters are actively encouraged to get stuck in, taking any safe shot… whether it is their ‘bird’ or their neighbours. It is fast paced, exciting shooting with anywhere up to 500 cartridges per gun being shot in a day. After two drives it is time to break for elevenses. This is also very traditional and is held in the field, giving the guns a good opportunity to indulge in some refreshments and discuss the mornings targets. Two or three more drives will follow before the guns head to a quaint village pub for a well-deserved lunch. The OSS simulated game days are set in West Oxfordshire on 4000 acres of the finest Cotswold sporting estate.

Rolling hills and meadows combined with thickets and woodland create the backdrop for the day… classic Cotswold topography that offers both challenging targets and beautiful scenery.

But why have sim days suddenly become so popular?

There are numerous benefits to shooting simulated days, such as the value for money compared to driven game. You can still enjoy the excitement, camaraderie and hospitality but at a fraction of the price. These days are a fantastic way to meet new people from a range of different backgrounds all with a common interest in shooting.

If you are fairly new to the game shooting world then simulated days can be a great introduction. The layout, environment and etiquette are very similar but there is no pressure to shoot your share of the bag as there are more than enough clays for everyone. The targets are testing and will certainly improve your shooting. There is no time to call ‘PULL’, you simply have to pick your clay and take the shot.

Furthermore, if you are an experienced game shot then simulated days can offer the perfect opportunity to keep your eye in over the summer months.

What makes The Oxfordshire Shooting School simulated game days different?

Our host and full-time shooting instructor, Julian Watson, has been running simulated game days for over 10 years. His experience and attention to detail ensures that the days run seamlessly, with all the guns thoroughly enjoying their experience. The Oxfordshire Shooting School days are run like a true game day with no cages, no visible traps and give you the most realistic game environment we can possibly offer… everything but the birds. Julian works closely with the Head Keeper and a very small, committed team, giving him knowledge of the best drives on the estate. With over 14 dedicated simulated drives to choose from each day offers a unique and personal sporting experience

More information about our simulated game days can be found on the 'Game Shooting' section of our website, as well as the dates for 2019.

If you would like to make a booking, please contact our sister shooting ground Atkin Grant & Lang on the details below.

Tel. 01582 849382


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